And so this is Christmas…

Copyright JM Schreiber, 2013
Copyright JM Schreiber, 2013

Anticipating a quiet Christmas, with circumstances necessitating a modest celebration,  the lack of snow and relatively warm temperatures suit me fine. I am content with a brown Christmas. Oh I am sure there will be some anxious naval gazing over the next day or so. Add to that a Boxing Day trip to visit my parents, always a festive occasion fraught with the tensions and dynamics that only family can create, but for the moment I simply want to wish peace, whatever that means, to everyone.

Throughout the world that is one universal gift humankind is in sore need of, no matter who or where we are.

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13 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas…”

    1. So far it is shaping up to be one of the worst, if Christmas Eve is any indication. Just had a fight with my drunk son and I am so down I wish to hell I could just walk away from the mess of my life. Sorry but family sucks.


      1. Times like that, you definitely need solitude. Can you gently jam your son upside down in a pile of snow for a while? Just a cooling off period.

        Flippancy aside, I’m sorry it’s gone (even more) to shit. 2014’s dying roars maybe.

        And I’m really sorry your son is drinking at all.

        Happy crapmas …

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      1. They sure can … Even the close families can have tensions. Glad your you’ve had a nice time with your daughter. Our Christmas is almost over … We now do it all again, but this time mostly with leftovers tomorrow, Boxing Day.


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