Review index 2019

Billiards at the Hotel Dobray by Dušan Šarotar (Slovenia, tr. by Rawley Grau)

Invitation to the Bold of Heart by Dorothee (Swiss/German, tr. by Katy Derbyshire)

Atmospheric Embroidery by Meena Alexander (India/US)

Big Love by Balla (Slovakia, tr. by Julia and Peter Sherwood)

A User’s Manual by Jiri Kolar (Czech, tr. by Ryan Scott)

SPRAWL by Danielle Dutton (US)

The Ribbon at Olympia’s Throat by Michel Leiris (France, tr. by Christine Pichini)—Linked review

Human Tetris by Vi Khi Nao and Ali Raz (US)

The Snow Sleeper by Marlene van Niekerk (South Africa/Afrikaans, tr. Marius Swart)

I, Lalla: The Poems of Lal Ded (Kashmir, tr. by Ranjit Hoskote)

The Shift Sleepers by Dorothee Elmiger, (Swiss/German, tr. by Megan Ewing)

Wild Woman by Marina Šur Puhlovski (Croatia, tr. by Christina Pribichevich-Zorić)

Herbert/Harbart by Naburan Bhattacharya (India/Bengali, tr. Sunandini Banjerjee)

In Life by Eugène Savitzkaya (Belgium/French, tr. by Andrew Colpitts)

How Shostakovich Changed My Mind by Stephen Johnson (UK)

Clone by Priya Sarukkai Chabria (India)

Appendix Project by Kate Zambreno (US)

Where There Are Monsters by Breanne McIvor (Trinidad)—Linked review

A History of Clouds by Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Germany, tr. by Martin Chalmers and esther Kinsky)

Imminence by Mariana Dimópulos (Argentina, tr. Alice Whitmore)

Edwardsville by Heart by Kólá Túbòsún (Nigeria)

Light Reading by Stephan Delbos (US, Prague based)

Singer in the Night by Olja Savečević (Croatian, tr. Celia Hawkesworth)

Naked Thoughts by Robert Gál (Slovak, tr. by David Short)

The Sex of the Angels, The Saints in Their Heavens by Raoul Schrott (Austria/German, tr. by Karen Leeder)

The Book of Mutter by Kate Zambreno (US)

Vanishing Point by Felicity Plunkett (Australia)

Friend of my Youth by Amit Chadhuri (India)

Agnomia by Róbert Gál (Slokvak, tr. by David Short)

Rain and Other Stories by Mia Couto (Mozambique/Portuguese, tr. by Eric MB Becker)

To Grieve by Will Daddario (US)

Autobiography of Death by Kim Hyesoon (Korean, tr. by Don Mee Choi)

A Stranger’s Pose by Emmanuel Iduma (Nigeria)

Loss Sings by James E. Montgomery (English with Arabic translations by the author)

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