Review index 2016

Links to posts with book reviews (or reflections built around books). The country of origin for all titles and the language plus translator for works in translation is in parentheses.

Story of Love in Solitude & The Attraction of Things – Roger Lewinter (French, tr. Rachel Careau)

The Walk – Robert Walser (Swiss/German, tr. Christopher Middleton/Susan Bernofsky)

33 Revolutions – Canek Sánchez Guevara (Cuban/Spanish, tr. Howard Curtis)

The Inevitable Gift Shop – Will Eaves (UK)

Baloney – Maxime Raymond Bock (Quebec/French, tr. Pablo Strauss) Linked review

Dispatches from Moments of Calm – Alexander Kluge & Gerhard Richter (German, tr. Nathaniel McBride)

The Absolute Gravedigger – Vítěslav Nezval (Czech, tr. Stephan Delbos & Tereza Novická

The Country Road –  Regina Ullmann (Swiss/German, tr. Kurt Beals)

The Revolutionaries Try Again – Mauro Javier Cardenas (Ecuadoran-American)

Panorama – Dušan Šarotar (Slovenian, tr. Rawley Grau) Linked review

50 Drawings to Murder Magic – Antonin Artaud (French, tr. Donald Nicholson-Smith)

Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was – Sjón (Iceland, tr. Victoria Cribb)

Voyage in the Dark – Jean Rhys (UK)

Dreams and Stones – Magdalena Tulli (Poland, tr. Bill Johnston)

Black Bread – Emili Teixidor (Spain/Catalan, tr, Peter Bush) Linked review

Counternarratives – John Keene (US)

Beastlife – J’Lyn Chapman (US)

The Passion According to G.H. – Clarice Lispector (Brazil/Portuguese) Idra Novey

Now and At the Hour of Our Death – Susana Moreira Marques (Portugal, tr. Jukia Sanches)

Proxies: Essays Near Knowing – Brian Blanchfield (US)

Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador – Horatio Castellanos Moya (El Salvador/Spanish, tr. Lee Klein)

Last Evenings on Earth – Roberto Bolaño (Chile/Spanish, tr. Chris Andrews)

Life in the Court of Matane – Eric Dupont (Quebec/French, tr. Peter McCambridge) Linked review

The Surrender – Scott Esposito (US) linked review

Ninety-Nine Stories of God – Joy Williams (US)

Goethe Dies – Thomas Bernhard (Austria/German, tr. James Reidel)  linked review

My Father’s Dreams – Evald Flisar (Slovenia, tr. author & Alan McConnell-Duff)

Sergio Y. – Alexandre Vidal Porto (Brazil/Portuguese, tr. Alex Ladd)

Incidents – Roland Barthes (French, tr. Teresa Lavender Fagan)

Quiet Creature on the Corner – João Gilberto Noll (Brazil/Portuguese, tr. Adam Morris)      linked review

Moods – Yoel Hoffmann (Israel/Hebrew, tr. Peter Cole)

War, So Much War – Mercè Rodoreda (Catalan, tr. Maruxa Relaño & Martha Tennent)

Sebastian Dreaming: Book Two Our Trakl – Georg Trakl (Austria/German, tr. James Reidel)

Berlin – Aleš Šteger (Slovenian, tr. Brian Henry, Aljaž Kovać, Forrest Gander)

Atlas of an Anxious Man – Christoph Ransmayr (Austria/German, tr. Simon Pare)

The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick – Peter Handke (Austria/German, tr. Michael Roloff)

The Moon and the Bonfires – Cesare Pavese (Italian, tr. R. W. Flint)

Is that Kafka? 99 Finds – Reiner Stach (Czech/German, tr. Kurt Beals)

Quiet Flows the Una – Faruk Šehić (Bosnian, tr. Will Firth)

Homo Faber: a Report – Max Frisch (Swiss/German, tr. Michael Bullock)

Voice Over: a nomadic conversation with Mahmoud Darwish – Breyten Bretenbach (South Africa)

Among the Bieresch – Klaus Hoffer (Austria/German, tr. Isabel Fargo Cole) linked review

The Lonely City – Olivia Laing (UK)

I, City – Pavel Brycz (Czech, tr. Joshua Cohen & Markéta Hofmeisterová)

The Crocodiles – Youssef Rakha (Egypt/Arabic, tr. Robin Moger)

The Third Policeman – Flann O’Brien (Ireland)

On the Edge – Rafael Chirbes (Spanish/Spain, tr. Margaret Jull Costa) linked review

The Vegetarian – Han Kang (Korean, tr. Deborah Smith)

To Duration – Peter Handke (German, tr. Scott Abbott)

Translator’s Blues – Franco Nasi (Italian, tr. Dan Gunn)

Stamered Songbook – Erwin Mortier (Belgium/Dutch, tr. Paul Vincent)

December – Alexander Kluge w/ photographs by Gerhard Richter (German, tr. Martin Chalmers)



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