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For The Bangalore Review:
Three short book review for TBR Recommends – December 2021

Trauma: Essays on Art and Mental Health, ed. Thom Cuell and Sam Mills, Dodo Ink (2021)
Essay: “Unravelling the Self” (Preview here.)

For IGNITE from within the confines Art and poetry show
Six poems can be found here.

For The Critical Flame:
Critical essay/Review: The Ribbon at Olympia’s Throat by Michel Leiris

For Music & Literature:
Book Review: River by Esther Kinsky

For Poetry at Sangam:
Three poems and a photo essay

For RIC Journal:
Poem: Indian Autumn Elegy
Photo Essay: Calcutta Dreaming
Essay: I am either lacerated or ill at ease
Essay/Dream: In the Dreaming Land

For Burning House Press:
Poem: No (New) Man’s Land
Poem: Are We There Yet?
Experimental Photo Essay: The Soul of a Man: A Meditation

For Minor Literature[s]: 
This site was under reconstruction for some time, I think all links have since been restored.
Experimental Review: Third-Millennium Heart by Ursula Andkjær Olsen (link fixed) Also: Reproduced here
Essay/memoir: Your Body Will Betray You   (link fixed) Also: Reproduced here
Book Review: Witness by Robert Rient  (link fixed) Also: Reproduced here
Book Review: The Surrender by Scott Esposito

For 3:AM Magazine:
3:AM in Lockdown: The Douglas Fir Trail
Review: Where There Are Monsters by Breanne McIvor
Essay/Interview: “The intuitive is the essential”: Naveen Kishore and the spirit of Seagull Books
Interview: Materializing Time in Lawrence Kansas: A Conversation with John Trefry
Interview: Translating the Landscape of Wolfgang Hilbig: An Interview with Isabel Fargo Cole
Essay/Review: The Accidental Ethnographer: Michel Leiris and Phantom Africa
Review: Among the Bieresch by Klaus Hoffer

For Splice:
Book Review: The Tidings of the Trees by Wolfgang Hilbig
Interview: Finding the Right Place to Write From: Isabel Fargo Cole on Translating Wolfgang Hilbig’s The Tidings of the Trees

For The Sultan’s Seal:
Photo Essay: Calcutta in grey
Essay/Requiem: And I Will Tell You Something

For The Quarterly Conversation: (this journal seems to be closed, my reviews with a few related thoughts about writing them are directly linked to the posts bellow)
Book Review: The Endless Summer by Madame Nielsen
Book Review: Old Rendering Plant by Wolfgang Hilbig
Book Review: Imaginary Cities by Darran Anderson
Book Review: Dreams and Stones by Magdalena Tulli

For Temz Review:
Book Review: In Every Wave by Charles Quimper
Book Review: What Kind of Man are You by Degan Davis

For The Rusty Toque:
Book Review: Blue Field by Elise Levine
Book Review: Tumbleweed by Josip Novakovich
Book Review: Baloney by Maxime Raymond Bock

For Numéro Cinq:
July 2017 – I Am the Brother of XX / These Possible Lives by Fleur Jaeggy
May 2017 – Atlantic Hotel by João Gilberto Noll
April 2017 – Frontier by Can Xue
November 2016 – Panorama by Dušan Šarotar
September 2016 – Black Bread by Emili Teixidor
July 2016 – Life in the Court of Matane by Eric Dupont
June 2016 – Goethe Dies by Thomas Bernhard
May 2016 – Quiet Creature on the Corner by João Gilberto Noll
February 2016 – On the Edge by Rafael Chirbes
December 2015 – Mr Kafka and Other Tales from the Time of the Cult by Bohumil Hrabal

For Literary Hub: October 25, 2016
Personal Essay: A Reader’s Journey Through Transition


Seagull Books Catalogue 2017/2018
Prose Poem/Essay: “The Cost of Words” (reproduced here)

Seagull Books Catalogue 2016/2017
Parable: “Literature as Liberator” (reproduced here)

Fashionably Late, ed. Vinnie Kinsella, Eldridge Books (2016)
Essay: “Fracturing the Mirror of Invisibility”

Best Translated Book Award /Three Percent: “Why this Book Should Win”
I Refuse by Per Petterson
Sphinx by Anne Garréta

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