Review index 2018

Mundo Cruel by Louis Negrón (Puerto Rico/Spanish, tr. Suzanne Jill Levine)

Don’t Let Him Know by Sandip Roy (India)

Nocilla Dream by Agustín Fernández Mallo (Spain tr. Thomas Bunstead)

The Tidings of the Trees by Wolfgang Hilbig (Germany, tr. Isabel Fargo Cole) – Linked review

QWERTY Invectives by Éric Chevillard (France, tr. Peter Behrman de Sinéty)

Third-Millenium Heart by Ursula Andkjær Olsen (Denmark, tr. Katrine Øgaard Jensen) – Linked review

Fleeting Snow by Pavel Vilikovský (Slovakia, tr. Julia and Peter Sherwood)

Bergeners by Tomas Espedal (Norway, tr. James Anderson)

Before Lyricism by Eleni Vakalo (Greece, tr. Karen Emmerich)

Adrenalin by Ghayath Almadhoun (Palestinian/Syrian, tr. Catharine Codham)

Passing Ceremony by Helen Weinzweig (Canada)

Things That Happen by Bhaskar Chakrbarti (India/Bengali, tr, Arunava Sinha)

Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag (India/Kannada, tr. Srinath Perur)

Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance by Fady Joudah (Palestinian American)

Where the Bird Disappeared by Ghassan Zaqtan (Palestinian/Arabic, tr. Samuel Wilder)

Brink by Jill Jones (Australia)

Border Districts by Gerald Murnane (Australia)

SS Proleterka by Fleur Jaeggy (Italy, tr. Alistair McEwen)

Liberating the Canon: An Anthology of Innovative Literature edited by Isabel Waidner

The Endless Summer by Madame Nielsen (Denmark, tr. Gaye Kynoch) – linked to external review

The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories by Osama Alomar (Syria, tr. CJ Collins with the author)

Farewell Cowboy (revisited review) by Olja Savičević (Croatia, tr. Celia Hawkesworth)

Invisible Countries by Sylvia Brownrigg (US)

The Agonist by Shastra Deo (Australia)

At the Burning Abyss by Franz Fühmann (East Germany, tr. Isabel Fargo Cole)

The Last Days of Jeanne d’Arc by Ali Alizadeh (Australia)

Star Struck by David McCooey (Australia)