Review Index 2022

This Body I Wore by Diana Goetsch (US)

My Life in Trans Activism by A. Revathi (India/Tamil as told to Nandini Murali)

The Beloved of the Dawn by Franz Fühmann (German, tr. by Isabel Fargo Cole)

Chéri and The End of Chéri by Colette (French, tr. Rachel Careau)

Rabelais’s Doughnuts by Pierre Senges (French, tr. by Jacob Siefring)

the adventures of char, vol #1 by Whiskey Radish (US)

Canzone Di Guerra by Daša Drndić (Croatian, tr. by Celia Hawkesworth)

My Jewel Box by Ursula Andkjær Olsen (Danish, tr. by Katrine Øgaard Jensen)

distant transit by Maja Haderlap (Austria/German, tr. by Tess Lewis)

Ghost Variations by John Brian King (US)

Knotted Grief by Naveen Kishore (India)

Seeing Red by Lina Meruane (Chile/Spanish, tr. by Megan McDowell)

The Dance of the Deep-Blue Scorpion by Akram Musallam (Palestine/Arabic, tr. by Sawad  Hussain)

A Certain Logic of Expectations by Arturo Soto (Mexico)

in field latin by Lutz Seiler (German, tr. by Alexander Booth)

Tomb of Sand by Geetanjali Shree (India/Hindi, tr. by Daisy Rockwell)

Lucky Breaks by Yevgenia Belorusets (Ukraine/writing in Russian, tr. Eugene Ostashevsky)

Men in My Situation by Per Petterson (Norwegian, tr. by Ingvild Burkey)

Everything Like Before by Kjell Askildsen (Norwegian, tr. Sean Kinsella)

Modern Animal by Yevgenia Belorusets (Ukraine/writing in Russian, tr. by Bela Shayevich)

Dream Pattering Soles by Miguelángel Meza (Guaraní & Spanish, tr. by Elisa Taber)

Winter Stories by Ingvild H. Roshøi (Norwegian, tr. by Diane Oatley)

Triptych by Alexander Booth (US/Berlin)

The White Bathing Hut Thorvald Steen (Norwegian, tr. by James Anderson)

In the Eye of the Wild by Nastassja Martin (France, tr. by Sophie R Lewis)

Small Talk by Stephan Delbos (US)

Losing Touch by Magda Kappa (Greek, writing in English)

The Pastor by Hanne Orstavik (Norwegian, tr. by Martin Aitken)

Ponge, Pastures, Prairies by Philippe Jaccottet (Swiss/French, tr. by John Taylor)

The Year: A Novel by Tomas Espedal (Norwegian, tr. by  James Anderson)

Responses · Kafka’s Prague by Jiří Kolář (Czech, tr. by Ryan Scott)


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