Independent foreign fiction prize longlist 2015

I will be reading along with 10 other fine book bloggers will keep me busy for the next few weeks as we have our go at the IFFP 2015 long list. I have 12 of 15 books to read. Yikes!!!!

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Well we finally get to see what us shadow IFFP folks will be reviewing over the next few weeks .I managed to guess two right   in my prediction post .I have read 7  of the longlist five I ve reviewed leaving me 8  read so here is this years longlist .A good year for what is 25 years since the prize started .I ve


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10 thoughts on “Independent foreign fiction prize longlist 2015”

      1. Pity, I could’ve sent it to you. I thought it was clever and strange and I neither liked nor disliked it. I shall say no more! I love murakami but that one really is colourless. I’ll reread one day.


  1. Well, my friend, I have 14 of the 15 to read so clearly you’re more qualified. 😉 We’ll have so much fun reading and discussing these; last year, it was the best reading I did all year. I have a few on hold, the rest await from my Kindle. It’s so hard to find these books in the US.

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    1. I have 13 to go, one I had just bought, one on hold at the library, one on its way from the UK and the kindle and kobo stuffed with new purchases (most are not available at the library or even out in paper editions here since e-books often come out first). Good thing I don’t smoke or drink and only have addiction… books!


      1. They are my addiction, too. Well, along with French fragrances, but I don’t suppose you suffer from that malaise. I’m so excited I hardly know where to start, but I guess it will be with the two that our library has. Shocking for them!

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  2. Yikes indeed. I was floating with the idea of joining the shadow group but realised I can’t read that fast. Plus I am trying to follow a Coursera module on Australian literature at the same time.. I’ll just have to enjoy the experience of the longlist through your assessments

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