Lessons from Mother Nature are not always the ones you expect

Maybe it’s the unusually early snow. Tree branches still rich with green foliage weighted to the breaking point under heavy wet snow are decidedly out of place so early in September. If it warms up we may squeeze a little fall out of the year after all. If we get a killing frost the leaves will turn leathery and cling to the trees until spring.

Copyright JM Schreiber 2014  (yes these shots were taken today)
Copyright JM Schreiber 2014
(yes these shots were taken today)

An omen perhaps?

Is it late summer or early winter?

Like trying to define the weather, it can be difficult for me to clearly pin a label on my emotional state. A stable, well medicated state is actually one of relative distance from what I really feel. Blunted at either end of the normal ups and downs. I am not certain if that is a natural or artificial state. It is probably more realistic to call it functional.

Manic? Well, manic is really only recognizable as it recedes. Think of the way that you can become accustomed to a certain level of physical pain and not realize just how severe it is until the painkiller kicks in. But there is no instant relief for a significant manic episode. Manic gradually disappears in the rear view mirror as I creep along and then, just as the road ahead seems to become clear, I hit depression. Or this anxious emptiness that I feel lately.

Copyright JM Schreiber 2014
Copyright JM Schreiber 2014

Like today.

The streets are littered with branches that could not handle the weight of the snow. The power has been off across the western side of the city for hours. As crews manage to restore power to one section, melting snow frees branches that bounce back and knock the wires out all over again. The silence and reduced light has left me alone with my thoughts for much of the day.

There is, however, an important lesson in unexpected situations like this. You have no choice but to ride it out, stay safe and wait until the storm has passed. Only then can you assess the damage, clean up and move forward. After all, we are supposed to be back up to summer temperatures by the weekend.

My own spirits might not lift quite so quickly, but I know from past experience that they will.

With time.

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6 thoughts on “Lessons from Mother Nature are not always the ones you expect”

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. And I suppose the change of season compounds it all. But your thinking is spot on. Over time things do get better. We both know its not easy. Please know you’re not alone


      1. Oh yes, I know that feeling. You have a practical outlook which can only stand you in good stead. I have found taking one day at a time the only way to navigate the darkness. That, and being gentle with yourself. You’re in my thoughts

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