4 thoughts on “To the ghosts of Redondo Beach: You’ll Like it Here by Ashton Politanoff”

  1. Lacking a genuine ‘hometown’ I’ve captured my urge to ‘commemorate’ with a scrapbook of all the places I’ve lived in, with pictures and memories of each place. I find it fascinating that friends younger than me feel no need to do this at all, and they’re content with whatever’s on their phone, trusting (presumably) that the digital format will always be available to them in the future.
    I don’t know if it matters or not…

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    1. I suspect “hometown” is a feeling rather than any specific connection. I’ve lived in or near the same city most of my life, but I do not consider it my hometown. I have lived in a number of other towns as well, but I always knew they were temporary. And those periods were the only times where I thought of Calgary as a hometown—only when I wasn’t actually living here!

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